In so many ways, parents and families know the best materials for a care package.  You know your students' favorite items: foods, music, and just what they need to relax and recuperate.  In addition, some of our best Hometown RAMFAM Club meetings have been building care packages.  This way, your student gets some love from you, as well as something special from other families in your area.  Here are a  few ideas to help you get started:

  • Have each attendee of a Hometown RAMFAM Club bring the same number of different items to create a care package assembly line.
  • Use our RAMFAM Association Business Directory partners to send something to your student.
  • Ask a younger family member to draw a picture to send to your student.
  • Write a letter to your student with heartfelt words of encouragement - the end of the semester can be tough, but we know he/she can do it!
  • Help your student relieve stress through a massage or personal training at Campus Recreation.
  • Purchase your student a gift card for Sweet Sinsations, our on-campus coffee shop.
  • Send a box of your student's favorite cookies - be sure they have enough to share with roommates and friends!
  • Send your student's favorite movie and remind him/her it's okay to take a few hours to relax.

You can find more ideas and information through College Parents of America.