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March2010 Volume 4 | Issue 7

Dear CSU Parents and Families:

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Spring Fever has officially swept the campus!  With 50+ degree weather and Spring Break just over the horizon (March 13-21), students are beginning to come out of the winter doldrums.  For many students, only a few midterms separate them from a week of freedom!  Many students will go home, work, or volunteer during the week long break. Some may even be fortunate to go some place exciting. While the week brings a much-needed break for students, we want to provide parents and families with a few tips and strategies for discussing spring break plans with your student. 

Two of CSU’s experts, Meil Sloan & Pam McCracken in the CSU Health Network Alcohol Prevention & Education Services, say according to research by the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, parents have a powerful impact in educating their children about the dangerous effects of alcohol abuse. It can't hurt to discuss the role that alcohol may or may not play in spring break activities.

If your student will be traveling:

  • Encourage your student to research the laws and policies of the destination site to avoid any legal problems.
  • Ask your student to share contact information for hotel, all flight details, or driving directions, and cell phone numbers of friends. Make sure you know your student's passport information as well.

Regardless of where students are for break, every student should:

  • Know the potential personal hazards that can result from excessive drinking (assault, poisoning, drunk driving, etc.).
  • Know the signs of over alcohol consumption.
  • Know what acceptable and responsible use of alcohol is.
  • Contact a family member or another adult supporter frequently with whereabouts.
  • If your family has established norms around the use of alcohol, now is a good time to reinforce the norms.
  • If a student chooses to consume alcoholic beverages make sure he or she drinks plenty of water-bottled is probably the safest bet when traveling, eat, and always have at least one friend who refrains from drinking and travel together.

More resources for spring break safety:

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has information that all parents should know about the protective factors that may buffer or prevent substance abuse.

We hope your student’s spring break brings some much needed “R&R” and that they return safely to CSU on March 22!


Jody & Kacee

Jody Donovan, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of Students/
Executive Director of Parent and Family Programs
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
Colorado State University
201 Administration Building
Fort Collins, CO 80523
(970) 491-5312

Kacee Collard Jarnot
Assistant Director of Parent and Family Programs
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
Colorado State University
201 Administration Building
Fort Collins, CO 80523
(970) 491-5312


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RAMFAM Association Update

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RAMFAM Graphic
We will not be holding a RAMFAM Association meeting this month!  Enjoy your Saturday mornings and we hope you'll join us during our April 10 meeting where the Career Center will join us to discuss how to help your student have a productive summer. 

In the meantime, please catch up with all of the RAMFAM happenings this year by watching our archived webcasts!  We've attached all of the pertinent information and let you know exactly when our special topic speaker begins.  It's a great way to find information on "all things RAMFAM" at your convenience!


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Hometown RAMFAM Clubs

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Are you interested in connecting with other parents and families of CSU students in your hometown & surrounding areas?

We are excited to roll out the next phase of Parent & Family Programs at Colorado State University:  Hometown RAMFAM Clubs!  As we've met with parents and families across the nation, we've received many requests for a way to connect all the families of CSU students living in one area.  For example, we get questions such as, "I will be visiting my student from Albuquerque.  Is there any way to get in touch with families who might need me to bring something up to their student?"  Or, "I'm really struggling with my student being so far away.  Is there a way to connect with another Boston-area CSU parent to get some advice?"

The possibilities for camaraderie, support, and outreach to other parents and families at the local level are a truly endless, and we want to help make those connections.  We've created a packet of materials to help parents and families start, develop, and grow a Hometown RAMFAM Club.  The time commitment can be as great as you’d like, but we estimate it will be about 12-48 hours per year.

Of course each Hometown RAMFAM Club will have its own plans and activities, but there are a few requirements we would ask from the organizer of the group: 

  • Each club should hold a general meeting at least three times per year in a designated location.
  • There is no fee to join. 
  • Meeting times and locations should be advertised well in advance of the meetings. 

We've also developed a structure for the clubs to focus on in their meetings and would ideally have four interested respresentatives to fill the four chair postions: 

  • Hometown RAMFAM Club Coordinator
  • Chair of Spring Recruitment Events
  • Chair of Summer Sendoff
  • Chair of Winter Meeting and Student Support Initiatives

Are you interested in starting a Hometown RAMFAM Club in your area?  Contact Kacee Collard Jarnot for more information.

Also, we're excited to mention Parent and Family Programs is on the road!  Check the March calendar for events near you!


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E-Billing & Payment Date Updates

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By Trish Torrez, Student Financial Services

In support of the University’s Go Green and cost-saving initiatives, CSU is implementing electronic billing and one payment due date for each semester.

Electronic Billing (e-billing)– Beginning with the Fall 2010 University Billing Statement, e-mail notifications will be sent to students at their rams.colostate.edu address when their monthly billing statements are ready to view on RAMweb.  Students will have the ability to set up additional e-mail addresses if they would like parents or other interested parties to receive the same notification and view their statements online.  Students will create these e-billing addresses during registration and they can maintain them on RAMweb.

Payment Due Date – Beginning Fall 2010, tuition, fees, residence hall charges, health insurance and other institutional charges will be billed in August and due on September 10th.  Anything billed on a subsequent statement will be due on the 10th of the following month.

Later Payment Due Date–Generating the fall University Billing Statements in August will allow financial aid to appear on the first statement of the semester.  The same is true of the first spring University Billing Statement.  It will now be generated in January, instead of December, with a due date in February.  This change will also allow families to start paying the university bill one month later and provide a clear presentation of educational expenses on their 1098-T tax forms.

More information will be available in the coming months.  Please be aware of these changes as you prepare for your return to CSU for Fall 2010.


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Students Satisfied with Food Services

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By Deon Lategan, Director of Residential Dining Services

We are pleased to share the 2009 National Association of College & University Food Service national survey data with you.  We are delighted with the results, as all ouf our dining locations have exceeded the national average in all areas by substantial margins.  We surveyed over 2,500 students, which gives us a good indicator of waht students think of the residential dining program.  You can view the results of the survey here


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Be a Part of History: the 2010 Census

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2010 Census

CSU students can make history this academic year by participating in the 2010 Census, and in turn, helping define and improve the quality of life in our community and our nation. Conducted every 10 years, the census is more than a population count. Census data inform critical political and funding decisions on the national, state and local level. 

How to Participate

Depending on living situations, students will participate differently.

  • Living on campus: If a student lives in a dormitory, residence hall, sorority or fraternity house, he or she will receive a 2010 Census form in April or May 2010. Students should complete the form and turn it in to a designated site on campus. It’s that easy.
  • Living off campus: If a student lives off campus, 2010 Census forms will be delivered or mailed to his/her house or apartment in March 2010. All students living at the address are considered one household, so only one form should be completed with information about all the people living at that address. Mail the completed form in the U.S. mail envelope provided.
  • Living with parents or guardians: If a student commutes to school and resides full-time at his/her parents’ or guardians’ household, the student should be accounted for on his/her parents’ or guardians’ household form.
  • International student or not a U.S. citizen: Everyone in the United States must be counted. This includes people of all ages, races, ethnic groups, citizens and noncitizens.

Learn more about how the 2010 Census affects you and your student here

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Take a SLiCE:  RamLink Connecting Students on Campus

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By Kayla Huddleston, SLiCE Marketing

With the advent of the Internet and integration of social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace into daily routines, a student at Colorado State University saw an available facet to get individuals more involved on campus.

The result was RamLink, a site allowing students to connect with CSU and research available involvement opportunities on campus.

Student organizations can create profiles to promote groups, volunteer programs and special upcoming events. Members can also participate in discussions, post events on the calendar, upload photos and other marketing materials and write informational blogs.

Officially launched in October, the network has grown significantly and continues to add new members and groups.

“A lot of students and organizations are using the site frequently and many organizations have already begun to fully utilize RamLink to the extent that it is now an integral part of their organization and how it functions,” said Nathan Fiedler, creator of RamLink.

RamLink opens communication for students and aides in building relationships between groups and prospective members.

“For students who are more introverted, RamLink has opened a lot of doors,” Fiedler said. “RamLink offers an embracing community for all students who want to get involved at CSU.”

RamLink also has benefits for students on an educational level. A study conducted by Drake University concluded a student’s GPA was directly correlated with participation in extracurricular activities.

“Statistics have shown a strong correlation between good grades and student involvement,” Fielder said. “Students tend to lead busy lives and at times it is difficult to balance involvement;RamLink helps students stay up to date with hundreds of CSU clubs and organizations.”

Another added benefit of the site is the co-curricular transcript which allows students to track their involvement in organizations, highlight any positions held and recall events attended.

“The co-curricular transcript feature allows students to articulate their involvement,” Fielder said. “This is an excellent way for CSU students to separate themselves when looking for employment after graduation or when applying to graduate schools.”

Anyone can access the network with a valid eName and ePassword, provided by the university. This password protected environment adds additional privacy and security to the information provided.

“Over the next semester RamLink will continue to grow not only in membership, but how we think about getting students involved and keeping them involved,” Fiedler said. “CSU is limitless in the opportunities it offers. RamLink will open more doors to opportunities for students in the future.”

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