What is FAMweb?
FAMweb is a system developed by CSU that provides students the ability to designate specific individual(s) to have secure online access to view selected educational records from the student’s file. FAMweb access to families and trusted individuals is granted by CSU students.

How does FAMweb work?
The student decides to whom (if anyone) they want to grant access. Once the student has granted access and saved their changes (students can grant access through their RAMweb account, under the "Manage My Student Records" link), the student and the person(s) to whom they’ve granted access will receive an email about the authorizations. If you’ve been granted access, you will be initially required to set up your FAMweb account.  Once that’s done, you’ll be able to view the records the student selected.

The university cannot change FAMweb online access to an individual on behalf of a student. CSU students have the control — and the right and responsibility — to choose to provide, update or withdraw FAMweb online access.

Who has access to FAMweb?
Only those individuals that are authorized by the student will have access to the student’s records in FAMweb.

What records can be viewed online in FAMweb?
Four different student records can be viewed in FAMweb:

  • eBilling information
  • Grades for the last completed term
  • Unofficial transcript
  • Weekly class schedule
  • Tax information
  • Financial aid & Scholarships

Is FAMweb different from eBilling?
Yes. FAMweb is a new system that includes not only eBilling, but the option to view other selected elements of a student’s academic records.

Whose records can I access?
You will be able to view records for those students who have provided you access. FAMweb is a new system that provides an online view of the student’s eBilling information, grades for the last completed term, unofficial transcript, weekly class schedule, tax information, and financial aid. The CSU Privacy policy and rules of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) still apply regardless of the method of delivery.  For those of you new to FERPA we encourage you to use the following web references as a guide:

Does my access to a student’s records ever expire?
Yes. Once the student graduates, transfers from or leaves CSU, the student’s electronic ID (eID) accounts expire. At that time, FAMweb access will no longer be available online to anyone who was previously granted permission. Students may still grant access to their records by other means. Contact the Registrar’s Office for more information.

Is this the only way for students to give access to their records to family members and/or other trusted individuals?
No. Students may also complete a permission form in the Registrar’s Office to grant access to their records.  Visit the Registrar’s FERPA website for more information.